Corporate Culture
Cultural Concept
> Mission
   To be a professional environment designer for client’s profit.
    To be the world’s strongest bioenergy supplier.
>  Value 
    Be devoted to the harmony between man and nature is the world’s most noble and great career.
Business philosophy
    Focus on client value;  Concern employee happiness; Pursue harmonious win-win cooperation
Enterprise spirit 
    Sincere   Innovation   Win-win Cooperation
Enterprise Tenet
    Always be a reliable enterprise
    lways be a respected Tianren
Tianren Motto
    Man made before the things
    Career is not occupation
Social Responsibility  
    Owner assured, Society relaxed, Tianren relieved. 
Tianren: One good deed a day
     Near-term goal——To promote Tianren’s development.
     Middle-term goal——To promote bioenergy industry development. 
     Long-term goal——To promote society’s harmonious development.
About Tianren