R&D Center
R&D Platform
It is aims to gather researchers and technicians in filed of bioenergy industry all over the world together on this R&D platform, to exchange what they have and need, therefore to boost the global development of bioenergy industry.
    Support researchers and technicians with their R&D works;
    Learn about the latest technologies and devices in bioenergy field;
    Keep in touch with experts and filed leaders;  
    Find suitable technologies and devices needed.
The R&D Platform is made up of two parts: Needs & Offers.
 I. Needs:
You can publish your R&D needs on pre-treatment, anaerobic digestion technologies, biogas upgrading technologies and devices, or advertise for suitable contractors or investors for projects under or going to be built.
It could be cooperative development, entrust development, or upon negotiation.
II. Offers
To publish what you can offer here, such as your latest technologies, devices for technologies transfer, production, sales etc.
Cooperation could be made via patent transfer, exclusive authorization, production agent, sales representatives, or via negotiation. The platform will assist you to facilitate the technologies conversion.
Contact: Dewei Jiang
Tel. #: +86-532-80990303