R&D Achievement
Over 30 Patented Technologies:

ZL200820026738.5  A prefabricated part & assembled tank
ZL200720018813. 9  An assembled device with membrane top that realize anaerobic digestion, biogas collection and storage in one body.
ZL200820027464.1  A multiple stage crushing device for biogas project
ZL200820225305.2  A biogas mixing device for biogas project
ZL200820021280.4  A simple & easy handling pretreatment device for manure & sand separation  
2007200265313.0  A temperature controlled, completely stirred energy saving biogas production device.
2007200265309.0  A ecological land buried waste air de-odor device
200820239032.7  A electrophoresis steel plate for assemble and assembled tank  
200820239033.1   A integrated biogas upgrading device for biogas plant
200820027463.7  A special mixing device for  anaerobic reactor of biogas plant  
200920280537.2  A positive/negative pressure protection device with water condensation function  
200910019403.X  A technical process that can recycle nitrogen and phosphorous composite nutrients from digested liquid and purify primary biogas
200920240769.5  A anaerobic reaction device specially for kitchen waste
200920240768.0  A dry type anaerobic digestion device
200910231355.0  A method to make biogas via centralized treatment of kitchen waste
200910231354.6  A technical process to upgrade biogas and recycle sulfur & carbon dioxide  
200920352665.3  A auto discharging device for condensate water from biogas pipe
200920352664.9  A device used to digest crop stalk for biogas
201020512127.9  A wet type assembled biogas storage device
201020512142.3  A bio-desulfurization device for biogas upgrading    
201020512156.5  A side mixer with temporary blocking device
201020512159.9  A auto control device with constant pressure for biogas storage  
201020588997.4  A bio-desulfurization device with outside aeration  
201020588985.1  A oil & water separator  
201020589000.7  A crop-stalk macerator
201010529277.5  A technical process and equipment to make biogas via series of dry digestion
201020588982.8  A de-sulfur device with methane microbe  
201020655274.1  A auto feeding device with slurry pump
201020655276.0  A torch device for biogas burning
201020667704.1  A crop stalk chopper  
201020667702.2  A automatic exhausting protection device
201110047921.X  A process used to treat soaked manure from breeding farm 
201110115660.0  Device and process used to make vehicle fuel with organic waste
201120182744.1  A device to remove steam mixed in biogas
201120183807.5  A device used for heat exchange of biogas plant
201120390402.9  Dry type mixing device
201220224604.0  A device used to break biomass structure via high pressure  
201220225384.3  An auto pressurizer for biogas container 
201222025368.4  A smart controller for torch burning
201220225404.7  A mixer with diversion duct