Company Philosophy on Personne
Selection - Suitable is better
Cultivation – Untiring teaching
Using – Using others’ merits
Holding – Holding those with common goal

Tianren Requirements on Talents  
1.Trade Aspect– Recognize the development aspect of the industry and with long-term plan;
.Company Aspect – Entrepreneurial, Pioneering, Struggling    
.Work Style: Obey regulations, good in using management mechanism and willing to take duties.
. Work Attitude – Industrious & devoted.  
. Personnel character: Fidelity, Tolerance, Discipline and responsible
Employment -Common criteria
1.      Be conscience (upright character).
2,      Have passion for pioneering work, diligent, hardship enduring, long view and strong will.
3.      Career minded and pay attention to the trade lies in. Working is not only for money.
4.      With professional skill, good in innovation and awe at the regulations.
5.      Be responsible and willing to undertake.
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