Tianren Ecological Mansion
Qingdao Tianren ecological mansion is designed and constructed according to the international biological building standard and is the first practical & ecological mansion in China. It is not only a site for the research and development of integrated energy saving, ecology, environmental and new energy, also a site opening to the whole society for popular education on ecological and environmental science and demonstration purpose.

Tianren ecological mansion is designed and constructed by Architectural Design and Research Institute, Tsinghua University and Qingdao Tianren Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd., which has adopted photovoltaic power, light pipe, wind power, bioenergy recycling, middle water treatment, rainwater collection, artificial wet land, hot pressure ventilation, solar heating collection, roof garden, vertical greening, window shading, outside wall insulation and other latest technologies. It has fully demonstrated the principles of “Reduction, reusing and recycling” of cyclic economy. Each index can meet or overpass the related international ecological building standard.    

Tianren ecological mansion has followed the cyclic economical theory and made a good investment in the limited space and achieved good benefits:

       Investment amt.: 39million RMB  
Land occupation: 7000m2 
Building area: 6249m2 
Power saving: 150000kWh 
Energy consumption: only 1/3 energy consumption comparing with traditional building 
Emission reduction: Each year it reduce emission or discharge of green house gas by 30000tons, solid waste by 18000tons, sewage by 10000tons and  COD pollution by 42000tons. 
Water saving: 8760ton/year  
Material saving: Decrease decoration material by 20tons.   
Operational capital saving: Cut down operational cost by 450000Yuan per year 
Ecological compensation: Increased green looking ratio to 30% and help to relieve the hot island effect.



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